Prepare Your Home to Sell

At your consultation, we will walk through your home with you and give you specific instructions as to what you can do to prepare your home for the market. This could include taking down curtains, painting, decluttering, packing some of your belongings up, etc. Below are some tips to help you in that process.

Inside your Home

  • De-Clutter wherever possible – especially kitchen and bathroom countertops. Even a small amount of clutter can look like a lot in a listing photograph, and make your counter space look ultra-small
  • Remove any personal items or family photos – you want the prospective buyer to be able to picture their own family living in the home, not yours
  • Consider removing some excess living room furniture – this will help flow and also make a room feel larger on listing photos
  • Clean all windows – even a relatively new window can look dated if it’s dirty
  • Paint any room that looks like it needs it – also be sure to patch any holes before doing so
  • Leave some lights on, even for day showings – some homes will have rooms shaded at certain times of day because of trees or the orientation of the house

Outside your Home

  • Keep your lawn freshly cut – fertilizing helps, too
  • Keep plants looking healthy – water any flowers, trim any bushes, remove any dead plants
  • Clear any outdoor clutter – this is often overlooked. Remove any large toys, cluttered planters, or excess wood scraps. Also, move garbage cans into a garage to hide them.
  • Examine the front door and the trim – replace if necessary
  • Do anything else to help your home’s curb appeal – you want your home to look outstanding from the street